UP TO $10 per LOT (90%)

If you are a new user
    UP TO $58.5 per LOT (%100)

  • GET up to 90% Rebate - $10 per lot
  • Exclusive Bonus offers
  • $10 rebate on GOLD (90% Rebate)
  • Maximum rebate rate in XM
  • XM Rebate Period: Twice a week
  • Rebates directly to your MyWallet acc
  • Calculated and paid automatically
  • NO hidden fees
  • NO conditions
  • NO mark-up on Spreads
  • Swap-free accounts also included

XM Conditions:
1. Duration must not less than 5 minutes for Micro, Standard, Micro (Swap Free) and Standard (Swap Free) accounts.
2. No duration limit for Micro (Ultra Low) and Standard (Ultra Low) accounts.
3. Payments are made every Tuesday and Thursday of the following week by XM to MyWallet.
4. No rebate for Europeans and Australians.

1) After we approve, the XM Auto Rebate system will start to calculate rebates the next day.
(** On the approved date, the XM Rebate system does not work. **)
2) Please note that we don’t pay the rebate outside of XM auto rebate system.


  • Trading Instruments:
  • Categories:
    Forex and CFDs on Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Commodities, Stock Indices, Metals and Energies
  • Spread:
  • Clients:
    over 5,000,000

XM Forex Rebate Details

Did you know that you can get extra money from your each transaction automatically?
Here is the list of account types and rebate amounts you can get without any conditions:

*The Rebates are calculated for a standard lot which equals to 100,000 currency units.

These are just examples, please scroll down of the page for all the instruments.

Micro (Swap Free)
Standard (Swap Free)
Up to $10 per lot [90%]
EURUSD: $10 per lot
XAUUSD: $10 per lot
XAGUSD: $10 per lot
BTCUSD: $10 per lot

Micro (Ultra Low)
Standard (Ultra Low)


Up to $8 per lot [90%]
EURUSD#: $8 per lot
XAUUSD#: $8 per lot
XAGUSD#: $8 per lot
BTCUSD#: $8 per lot

How to get XM Rebate (Cashback)?

It is super easy and fast. Please check the following steps.

>> For New Account

If you didn’t create an account before, you can get your rebate easily in 3 steps.

Step 1:

Click “Open a New XM Account” button.

OPEN a NEW XM Account

Step 2:

Send your Trading ID using the form below

    If you have any problems filling out the form, email your Trade ID to admin@bigrebate-fx.com

    Step 3:

    Waiting for approval within only 8 hours. After approved, you can trade and get your rebates by the XM system automatically.

    >> For Existing Account

    If you already have an XM account;

    You should open an ADDITIONAL trading account on XM.

    Step 1:

    Click to the ‘Click to login’ button below and login to your existing account.

    Click to login

    Step 2:

    Click “Open Additional Account” button as the image below.

    Step 3:

    After creating additional account, please send your Trading ID with the form below:

      If you have any problems filling out the form, email your Trade ID to admin@bigrebate-fx.com