EXNESS Rebate Details

It is super easy and fast. Please check the following steps.

>> For New Account

If you didn’t create an account before, you can get your rebate easily in 3 steps.

Step 1:

Click “Open New EXNESS Account” button.

Open a New EXNESS Account

>> For Existing Account

If you already have a EXNESS account;

Can Chat CS Live or Email to support@exness.com (choose one) The guide for moving IB 618171 (our IB Partners code) to get Rebate is as follows:
  • go to the exness website and Chat CS Live, type "Live Chat"
  • you request to transfer IB 618171 (our IB code) to get Rebate
  • you can provide your trading account number and support pin. After that, Exness will check your account.
If you meet the requirements, Exness will provide you with the steps. So later after the process is complete, you will need to create a new trading account from your old personal area. Make sure to place your account under 618171 (our IB code)

https://one.exness-track.com/boarding/sign-up/a/r5sre1vm The IB verification and transfer process takes between 3 x 24 hours, after all rebate transfer processes are successful


StandardStandard CentRaw SpreadPro
Minimum deposit $10Minimum deposit $10Minimum deposit $200Minimum deposit $200
Spread From 0.3 pipsSpread From 0.3 pipsSpread From 0.0 pipsSpread From 0.1 pips
Maximum leverage 1:UnlimitedMaximum leverage 1:UnlimitedMaximum leverage 1:UnlimitedMaximum leverage 1:Unlimited
Minimum lot size 0.01Minimum lot size 0.01Minimum lot size 0.01Minimum lot size 0.01
No CommissionNo CommissionCommission Up to $3.50 each side per lotNo Commission